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Factors To Consider When Choosing an Employment Solicitor

The current economic recession is making life difficult for businesses of all sizes. Specialist employment solicitors in Manchester should be firmly considered regardless of the financial circumstances, especially if you are planning to cut the number of your personnel or review contractual terms and conditions. Consequently, if you need advice about employment law, the following are a few pointers on what to look for:

  • Competitive legal service pricing

It is common sense that you would want to get your money’s worth out of any professional guidance you pay for. Finding the cheapest option can be risky, though. If you are offered a particularly low estimate of expenses for a legal service, it may be because the person providing the service needs more relevant experience. There are a lot of companies offering employment law services, who are not actually qualified employment law solicitors. If you use specialist employment law solicitors like us, they can offer a higher level of expertise and experience, and they will also be adequately insured and have a well-established complaints mechanism. If you are looking for a retainer agreement, a solicitor’s employment law protection scheme will have shorter fixed term ( probably one year) whereas most non-legal businesses, whereas most non solicitor providers tie you in for multiple years.

  • Risk Management Expertise

First, they will do what amounts to a health check of your HR processes through a “risk management audit”. An employment law solicitor will examine your company’s paperwork, identify potential weak spots, and recommend solutions.

  • Regular Helpful Advice

Solicitors will provide bespoke advice and solutions to your problems rather than giving you generic guidance. They will appreciate that no two situations are the same.

  • Company Handbook

If you have chosen an employment legal expert wisely, they will also provide you with a comprehensive company handbook. This covers a wide range of HR best practices, such as fair procedures for recruiting and absenteeism, advice on writing employment contracts, and a bank of more than a hundred sample letters and forms.

  •  Legal Expenses Insurance

It’s even possible to take out insurance to cover you should a claim be made to the employment tribunal.


Solicitors who focus on employment law are called “employment law solicitors.” They frequently face a wide variety of employment-related legal challenges. An employment solicitor in Manchester is a lawyer who specialises in labour and employment law. Both employees and businesses can seek advice or representation from them on topics such as discrimination, redundancy, and unfair dismissal in the workplace.

The Advantages of Using Employment Solicitors

Any business with employees or individual will inevitably need legal representation at some point. The reason for this is that many problems and issues in the workplace are too complex to tackle without the assistance of employment lawyers.

Using employment solicitors in Manchester is a practical solution due to the many complex employment laws, and the frequent decisions of courts and employment tribunals.

Here are some of the reasons why it’s important to hire employment solicitors from time to time:


  • Pathfinder Through the Legal Minefield


 It may seem next to impossible for an ordinary person to understand employment laws and decipher the legalese. The best way to get a layman’s explanation of employment law is to retain the services of an employment lawyer. This should pave the way for an employer and an employee to take effective action.


  • Relevance


A businessperson with zero legal training may feel overwhelmed by the complexity of employment law and the need to handle a case in a certain way. An employment law expert will know which facts and documents are relevant and will be able to navigate their way through the process to reach a successful conclusion.


  • Responding To Allegations


With the assistance of an employment lawyer, an employee can vigorously refute any claims or allegations made against them. The correct initial response can significantly aid an employee’s ability to avoid disciplinary action and even dismissal. 

Workplace problems are common due to unfair treatment, misconduct, or discrimination. If your employer has accused you of such activity, you must respond to those accusations in the correct manner and as soon as possible. A reliable and skilled employment lawyer is the ideal ally in such a precarious situation.


  • Strategic Advice


An employment lawyer can provide legal assistance for any problems that arise in the workplace. They are well-versed in the many nuanced areas of employment law. Employment lawyers can efficiently navigate all the complex areas of employment law due to their extensive experience of handling similar cases. They have seen similar topics before so that they can quickly evaluate the best course of action in the law.


  • Reasonable Fees


The allegations against you may be completely baseless. However, only an employment lawyer can tell you if the problems you’re encountering have no basis in law. When an accusation or complaint against you is made, it can be beneficial to retain the services of a reputable employment lawyer to help you through the process and ascertain the options that you have and how best to respond.

We can agree fixed fees for most things, so legal costs will be transparent, and usually won’t cost the earth.


Making snap decisions can have long-term repercussions. Having a skilled legal adviser on your side is crucial when facing serious accusations. To make sense of the maze of employment laws and regulations, you should seek the counsel of seasoned employment solicitors in Manchester.

Martin & Co Recover £54,000 for dismissed teacher

Martin & Co recently acted for a special needs teacher who was dismissed for allegedly force feeding a student. Evidence from the various witnesses was conflicting, however the Manchester Employment Tribunal found that no reasonable employer would have found the allegations proven, and accordingly they found that she had been unfairly dismissed. This led to a compensation payment of over £54,000. More importantly, our client was able to clear her name, which means that she can now continue with her teaching career. This was a notable success for us, particularly as our client’s insurer initially declined to pay her costs, saying that the case did not have reasonable prospects. We, however, convinced them otherwise, which meant that they then agreed to pay our costs.

Martin & Co secure £80,000 in age discrimination case

Martin & Co recently secured £80,000 for a man of 60 who was made redundant. We managed to show that he was selected for redundancy because of his age, which amounts to age discrimination.

Our client, a Manchester  man, had cover under his home insurance policy to pay his legal fees, but the insurance company initially insisted that he use their nominated solicitor in Hampshire. However, he lost faith in them when they recommended that he accept an offer of  £10,000. At that stage he insisted that they appoint Martin & Co, which he was entitled to do under European law, and the rest is history.

The important message is that people who benefit from legal expenses insurance, can stand up to the insurance company, and insist on the lawyer of their choice.

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How can we help?

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