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Factors To Consider When Choosing an Employment Solicitor

The current economic recession is making life difficult for businesses of all sizes. Specialist employment solicitors in Manchester should be firmly considered regardless of the financial circumstances, especially if you are planning to cut the number of your personnel or review contractual terms and conditions. Consequently, if you need advice about employment law, the following are a few pointers on what to look for:

  • Competitive legal service pricing

It is common sense that you would want to get your money’s worth out of any professional guidance you pay for. Finding the cheapest option can be risky, though. If you are offered a particularly low estimate of expenses for a legal service, it may be because the person providing the service needs more relevant experience. There are a lot of companies offering employment law services, who are not actually qualified employment law solicitors. If you use specialist employment law solicitors like us, they can offer a higher level of expertise and experience, and they will also be adequately insured and have a well-established complaints mechanism. If you are looking for a retainer agreement, a solicitor’s employment law protection scheme will have shorter fixed term ( probably one year) whereas most non-legal businesses, whereas most non solicitor providers tie you in for multiple years.

  • Risk Management Expertise

First, they will do what amounts to a health check of your HR processes through a “risk management audit”. An employment law solicitor will examine your company’s paperwork, identify potential weak spots, and recommend solutions.

  • Regular Helpful Advice

Solicitors will provide bespoke advice and solutions to your problems rather than giving you generic guidance. They will appreciate that no two situations are the same.

  • Company Handbook

If you have chosen an employment legal expert wisely, they will also provide you with a comprehensive company handbook. This covers a wide range of HR best practices, such as fair procedures for recruiting and absenteeism, advice on writing employment contracts, and a bank of more than a hundred sample letters and forms.

  •  Legal Expenses Insurance

It’s even possible to take out insurance to cover you should a claim be made to the employment tribunal.


Solicitors who focus on employment law are called “employment law solicitors.” They frequently face a wide variety of employment-related legal challenges. An employment solicitor in Manchester is a lawyer who specialises in labour and employment law. Both employees and businesses can seek advice or representation from them on topics such as discrimination, redundancy, and unfair dismissal in the workplace.

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