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Martin & Co Recover £54,000 for dismissed teacher

Martin & Co recently acted for a special needs teacher who was dismissed for allegedly force feeding a student. Evidence from the various witnesses was conflicting, however the Manchester Employment Tribunal found that no reasonable employer would have found the allegations proven, and accordingly they found that she had been unfairly dismissed. This led to a compensation payment of over £54,000. More importantly, our client was able to clear her name, which means that she can now continue with her teaching career. This was a notable success for us, particularly as our client’s insurer initially declined to pay her costs, saying that the case did not have reasonable prospects. We, however, convinced them otherwise, which meant that they then agreed to pay our costs.

No More Tribunal Fees

The Supreme Court decided in July 2017 that the practice of charging court fees of up to £1200 to make a claim to the Employment Tribunal was unlawful, and therefore the requirement to pay a court fee to start a claim or have it listed for a hearing ceased immediately. This was an extremely significant judgement as the fees system, which had been in place since 2013, had caused the amount of Employment Tribunal claims to drop by over 70 %. UNISON had brought the case on behalf of their members.

Martin & Co recover £198,000 of accrued holiday pay for van drivers

Martin & Co have recovered £198,000 in compensation for 9 van drivers who were never paid any holiday pay because they were classified as self employed. However Martin & Co argued that they were “workers” under the Working Time Regulations and that they should have received holiday pay throughout their contracts.

The claimants were delighted with the outcome and praised Martin & Co’s John Martin and Sal Choudhury for their expertise in recovering such a large sum.

Legal 500 Recognition For 2013

Martin & Co have been rated as one of the north west’s leading employment law firms for the eleventh year in a row by the prestigious Legal 500. In achieving this accolade we beat off the competition of much larger firms.
John Martin was singled out for particular praise being described as “knowledgeable, commercial and offering practical advice”.

Martin & Co recover £125,000 in TUPE case

We recently secured £125,000 of compensation for six former employees of a well known firm of solicitors which went into administration. We argued that the business had been purchased by another firm and that TUPE applied. The purchaser had failed to consult with the employees regarding the purchase of the business, and so we claimed a protective award in addition to unfair dismissal.

All six clients were delighted with one saying ” it was a refreshing and welcome change to find people who knew what they were talking about and did their best to help me out of the situation I found myself in. Thank you for all your help”.

Legal 500 Recognition For Martin & Co For Tenth Consecutive Year

Martin & Co have been recognised for their excellence in employment law for the tenth year in a row by the prestigious Legal 500 directory, which represents the most comprehensive research into law firms in the UK.


We have been rated as one of the top firms for employment law in the whole of the north west region, beating off competition from much larger firms.


John Martin was singled out for particular praise being   ” noted for his work in the education sector”.


Martin & Co have recently won a case for unfair dismissal against a Manchester NHS Trust who dismissed a nurse  after she was secretly filmed making critical comments about managers on a Dispatches tv programme on channel 4.

We successfully argued that her comments had been true, and that she was not deliberately making her views public.

The Manchester employment tribunal were very critical of the Trust in every respect of their decision and awarded our client a year’s pay in compensation and took the very unusual step of reinstating her to her position.

Our client was delighted with the decision and praised Martin & Co’s Ross Fletcher for his handling of the case saying that he had been “amazing”.

The decision allows our client to get on with her career, which had been sadly interrupted for over a year.


Martin & Co recently won a claim for unfair dismissal against the Royal Bank of Scotland acting for an employee who had been dismissed for allegedly having a fight with a customer on the street outside the bank.

The RBS claimed that they were satisfied that gross misconduct had taken place, but we managed to persuade the employment tribunal in Manchester that the allegation had been insufficiently investigated, and if it had been properly investigated, no reasonable employer would have found the allegations to be substantiated.

The employment tribunal were very critical of the RBS despite the fact that their lawyers had said that they were very confident of their case.

Our client recovered a five figure sum of compensation and the decision has enabled him to get his life back on track.

Martin & Co secure £80,000 in age discrimination case

Martin & Co recently secured £80,000 for a man of 60 who was made redundant. We managed to show that he was selected for redundancy because of his age, which amounts to age discrimination.

Our client, a Manchester  man, had cover under his home insurance policy to pay his legal fees, but the insurance company initially insisted that he use their nominated solicitor in Hampshire. However, he lost faith in them when they recommended that he accept an offer of  £10,000. At that stage he insisted that they appoint Martin & Co, which he was entitled to do under European law, and the rest is history.

The important message is that people who benefit from legal expenses insurance, can stand up to the insurance company, and insist on the lawyer of their choice.

Martin & Co secures six figure award for sex discrimination

Martin & Co has recently secured a six figure award for a client who was a manager in a well known bus company based in Manchester. The claim was heard over four days at the Manchester employment tribunal and she succeeded in her claims for sex discimination, unfair dismissal and breach of contract.

Our client was particularly pleased, as before instructing Martin & Co, she had been advised by other lawyers not to pursue the sex discrimination claim, which made up a substantial part of the award. Not only that, but her legal fees were paid by an insurance company under her home insurance policy, which means that she pocketed all of the compensation. This was one of the highest awards to be made in Manchester for some time.

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